Kevin Temp’s 12th Anniversary at MIRKPROD

During Kevin Temp’s 12 years he has helped to grow MIRKPROD to amazing new heights.  Kevin adds tons of passion, creativity, loyalty and service to our MIRKPROD team and its clients that it is hard to find the precise words that explain our appreciation and amazement of his accomplishments.

Congratulations KTemp and we look forward to seeing what the next 12 years brings.


Sydney Carlson Celebrates Her ONE Year Anniversary at MIRKPOD

What an incredible year it has been! Sydney joined our team a year ago this month.  During that time she has gone beyond the MIRKPROD team’s expectations of grasping this complicated business and becoming a contributing member to us and our clients.

Congratulations Sydney, we can’t wait to see what the next year brings!

Sydney is a Northwest native that has grown up in the greater Seattle area and recently graduated from Seattle University. She has touched on event planning during her time working at a CrossFit Gym, putting together competitions and fundraisers. Her eye for detail and love for planning allows her to be successful when given multiple tasks. She will always accept a challenge because she views it as an opportunity.

When she is not in the office she enjoys being in a CrossFit gym

MIRKPROD helps ChemPoint Unveil New Brand to Employees.

Bellevue, WA (OCT 2013)

We were thrilled to help ChemPoint inspire its employees with a gathering at the Bellevue Westin. The event was a build up to “going live” with a new logo, website, signage and overall re-brand launch the following week.

“We’ve built a unique, successful company and business model, and have achieved tremendous growth over the past 14 years, but our external image wasn’t in alignment,” said Steve Block, ChemPoint’s President.  “We needed to take our story outside of ChemPoint and show the world who we really are and what we’re about; we needed our logo, website, and language to support that.”

The Company also dropped “.com” from its name, highlighting its maturation beyond the dot-com era of its inception.

While employees celebrated and learned about the “new look” late Friday afternoon, the company’s Bellevue, WA headquarters was getting the refresh for their return after the weekend.


130 feet of Media Server Wonder

The screens (a total of 130 feet) were a thing of beauty for a recent (annual) client event we produced at the Westin Bellevue this past month.  With the help of designer Alex Berry and the gMa server expertise of Gary Radakovich we were able to project an entire weekend of visual awe for the attendees.  Video, presentations, awards and overall graphics were utilized through the media servers sending data to 5 separate projectors.

 MT 2013