For over 50 years Andy Mirkovich Productions (aka MIRKPROD) has met the most demanding challenges producing successful meetings & events, with attendance ranging from 50 to 55,000, including company meetings, all hands/business group meetings, product roadshows, launch events, ship parties, networking events, morale events, holiday parties, weddings and private parties - locally, nationally and internationally.

“Logistics = Motion”

“MIRKPROD is the dots on my “i”’s and the crosses on my “t”’s for all my event needs. They are extremely knowledgeable in every aspect of events – from understanding unique goals, planning, budgeting, forecasting, marketing, branding, technology, creative presence and execution from beginning to end. They are industry experts and know how to get the best results out of extremely different or challenging experiences. With dependable and proficient partners at my side, I am extremely confident in my plans and execution.”

Sr. Manager, Microsoft

Events that Scale

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Custom Meetings

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